Take What?! Is Robbie Williams joining the band again for their 25th anniversary?

Take That: are they in or are they out?

We're talking about members of the band and their 25th anniversary tour, not the referendum that is on everyone's lips.

Gary Barlow and Mark Owen
Gary Barlow and Mark Owen (PA)

And according to Howard Donald, it's a split vote.

He told The Sun that Robbie Williams is IN, while Jason Orange is OUT.

"We've been in touch with Jason and we've been in touch with Robbie. Jason is in his place where he is now and he's not got any intention at the moment to be back in the band," he told the paper.

"Whereas Robbie - we've been talking to Robbie about it, and it might be that if we do a 25th anniversary album, that we do some co-writing or some extra tracks on that."

Robbie left the band officially in 1995.

He re-joined them in 2010 for a new studio album and then again for the Progress tour the following year.

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