Take screenwriting classes with Aaron Sorkin from just £60


What does it take to become a world famous screenwriter at the very top of your profession? Maybe after 25 video lessons with Aaron Sorkin - the writer behind the likes of The Social Network, Steve Jobs and The West Wing - you'll know.

The class, hosted on MasterClass, will cover dialogue, character development, story pacing and plot - as well as as a section on Sorkin's own working progress.

Sorkin has won Oscars, Baftas, Golden Globes, Critics' Choice awards and Emmys, so his experience really is invaluable.

Even just watching the trailer for his course is reassuring, and a bit inspiring. "I'm in a constant state of writer's block," says Sorkin. "That is my default position."

It seems that Sorkin's class will include a set of rules, and if there's something wrong with your script it's because "you broke one of those rules". Seems easy enough, right? Want an Oscar? Don't break the rules.

Alongside the 25 videos Sorkin's MasterClass will include a 30+ page workbook and interactive assignments. Each class costs $90 (£60) and will be live later in the summer but pre-enrolment is open now.