Ghostface Killah will direct the next Wu-Tang Clan album instead of RZA


Wu-Tang, despite being a collection of different voices with their own styles, likes and personalities, have always been considered the brainchild of RZA. It's not surprising given he was largely responsible for forming the group and producing many of their albums, effectively giving them the sound they're known for.

But the next album we get from the Wu will be directed by Ghostface Killah, a request RZA made and something Ghostface says he's been itching to do.

"RZA put the ball in my hand. He said 'Yo, I want you to do it,' and I been wanting to do it, and that's a big test for me right there," Tony Starks told Hip Hop DX.

RZA has been in control on each Wu-Tang album since their debut in 1992, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), so this is a big step. Ghostface has had one of the most prolific solo careers out of anyone in the Wu, and is currently working on Supreme Clientele 2.

But given that Wu's members have gone in different directions sonically, what does a Clan album in 2016 sound like?

"You got to always go back to the foundation... It's not what you do it's how you do it. But it has to be done right. If it don't fit then we can't do it. It'll just have to be done nice. That's it. People can't talk about it unless it's good."

Ghost continued: "... I'm going to do my part first and let them know what I did and then have them listen to that and follow my lead. It's like how they do in sports with athletes. It's like all right, just follow my lead. (So I'll be making the calls about who is on what track, etc.) I could be wrong, but my ears are my judgment. My heart tells me what's right."