Cam'ron is developing a potentially grape soda-flavoured strain of weed


It may not feel like it, given the laws around cannabis in the UK don't look likely to be loosened any time soon, but weed has gone massively mainstream in the US - with experts saying it could be worth $40 billion by 2020.

Everyone from Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg to Bob Marley's estate and even Whoopi Goldberg has their own strain of personally branded weed for sale, and Cam'ron is looking to get in on the action.

Talking to High Times while walking around a weed farm in San Francisco, and seemingly fascinated by it all, Cam said: "How do you know which [plants] are which? What's 'hydroponic' really mean?".

Given the success of Cam's 2004 hit Purple Haze, it's unfortunate that name is already taken. But the Harlem native has commissioned a "Killah Pink" colour from Pantone, named after his forthcoming album, with the rapper saying his strain would be a pink or purple hue and potentially grape soda-flavoured.

The new legal status of cannabis in some American states isn't without its controversy, given that so many predominantly black males are in prison across the country - and still being arrested - for cannabis possession and supply, while on the West Coast predominantly white CEOs are getting rich from the drug. Cam'ron alluded to the weird contrast between East and West.

"How is this legal?", he reportedly asked while walking through the rows of vegetating bud. In New York, Cam said: "You can go to jail for a roach."

All in all though, with branded cannabis becoming a big earner and Cam's strain set for release this autumn at the same time as his album, it looks like a smart step. "The goal of today was to get Cam to start dreaming," said Chroncierge's Jud Nester - and it certainly seems like that was achieved.