10 of the very best EU referendum memes from around the web


It's been a big day for political chat on social media. Finally the day has come for the British public to answer the most important question posed to our generation, the day we determine the future of our country, yaddah yaddah yaddah. All that really matters is that FINALLY the opportunity has come to make those hilarious meme puns you've been dying to make all month.

Or that's the way it seems from the look of social media, which is awash with EU referendum memes. These are a selection of the best XXX memes we spotted today.

1. An oldie but a goodie - a reference to Craig David's Can You Fill Me In. DJ it's all up to EU...

2. Caribou turned his most popular track into a meme. He literally memed himself for the sake of a political message. That's dedication.

3. RemAinsley, AinsLeave or Abstainsley?

4. If you don't remember this 2003 Dizzee track, were you ever actually a teenager in the noughties?

5. Keith and his 93-year-old mum have had quite a day. Hang on, wasn't she 91 just last year, Keith?

6. Grease votin'?

7. Death cab for EUtie, anyone?

8. Finally someone is asking the question that's been on our mind throughout this whole debate.

9. Good luck getting Say My Name out of your head for the next week.

10. And finally, the most compelling Remain argument of them all.