Sinitta had a total mare on Celebrity MasterChef when she served up raw meat... twice


People weren't convinced by Celebrity MasterChef's return when they saw the line-up, which included singer Sinitta.

And, faced with a Mediterranean theme mystery box to make a meal from for judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode, her cooking skills were a bit worrying from the off.

You should probably know that Sinitta said her children think she's an amazing cook. But, as she set off cooking a squid salad (even though she didn't know what squid was) plus a dish of stuffed aubergines, it started to become apparent that people on Twitter probably weren't going to be agreeing with them, sadly.

Yeah, her stuffed aubergines didn't look great. And, unfortunately for Gregg and John, the lamb mince inside them was raw.

(Screengrab/BBC One)

Then, in the final task, Sinita said she was going to make a spinach burger mousse.

We had no idea what to expect either.

And here's what we got...

spinach burger mousse
(Screengrab/BBC One)

Honestly, things probably couldn't have gone much worse for Sinitta - the meat in this was raw too. Twitter simply didn't hold back on what they thought of her cooking.

But hey, one good thing came out of all of this. We could have watched Sinitta's bewildered reactions to Gregg and John all night...

(Screengrab/BBC One)

Maybe stick to cooking vegetarian dishes in the future Sinitta. Just sayin'.