This is what the UK's hottest vegans in 2016 look like


You know what really gets people going? Plants. Can't get enough of them, those sexy little swines.

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So it's no surprise that when People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) came to crown their UK and Ireland's Hottest Vegan 2016, the competition was tough.

A plethora of tasty looking vegans entered themselves into Peta's competition and were whittled down to just four men and four women. These eight hopefuls were based on the enthusiasm with which they promote veganism, and whether Peta thought they were as hot as a plate of just-fried tofu or not.

The final eight were put to the public vote on Peta's website. Now, the people have spoken, the votes have been counted and verified. We can now reveal that the UK's two sexiest vegans are (drumroll please)....

Newcastle firefighter Anthony Welsh, 26, and Glasgow fitness blogger Stefanie Moir, 24.

Hottest vegans 2016
(Anthony Wier and Stephanie Moir)

Damn, did I just burn my mouth on some freshly cooked falafel or is it hot in here?

We know you're just dying to know more about these two broccoli-loving babes, so here's a lowdown.

Stefanie has been vegan for three years and cut out animal products to live the healthiest and fittest life possible while reducing animal cruelty.

Stephanie Moir
(Stefanie Moir/Peta)

After watching documentaries on how animal products are made and swotting up on the process, she decided to go veg-based instead. "I wanted to do my part to reduce the suffering of animals and the damage to the planet," she says.

She runs the blog and also has a popular YouTube channel, where she coaches people who want to make the compassionate switch to a plant-based lifestyle.

Meanwhile Anthony, who has been vegan for five years, works as a  firefighter, technician and model. Research online made him aware of the cruelty involved in eating and wearing animals, so he ditched the bacon for good.

sexiest vegan winner
(Anthony Wier/Peta)

"I had a sudden awakening to how bizarre it was that humans showed affection to household pets but consumed other animals", he says. "I realised I could not put my money into such a business that exploits, tortures and kills innocent, beautiful beings."

Both winners will receive a stay in a luxury London hotel for two (separately, not together. Although can you imagine their beautiful vegan babies?!), vegan breakfast and dinner with head chef Nik Heartland at its restaurant, RAW.

If you want to scoop the title of sexiest vegan next year, make sure you head over to Peta's website to find out more on plant-based eating.