Jar of air captured at Stone Roses gig reaches bids of £65,000 on eBay...for real


So, this was what it looked like when The Stone Roses returned to Manchester...

The band performed at the 60,000-capacity Etihad Stadium from Wednesday to Sunday last week.

And, yeah, the gigs were a pretty big deal. But a big enough deal to sell a jar full of air captured at the stadium for over £65,000? Really?!

jar of air on eBay

Well, it seems that some people out there think that's a reasonable price to pay, after a seller, from Deeside in Flintshire, listed the jar - complete with an authenticity certificate before you question if it's real - on eBay. The highest bid so far is £65,900, to be exact.

They've written in the description for the product: "All the atmosphere, anticipation and ecstasy of 60,000 people singing their hearts out - captured forever in this glass jar."

Which, if we're honest, we're just not sure we understand. No, in fact, we definitely don't understand it.

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The seller also goes on to say in the description: "I swear if you place your ear next to the jar you can still hear a faint reverberation of Squire's solo". Just so you know, they captured the air during I Am The Resurrection on June 18.

And if you're suddenly feeling the need to splurge (we're sure you're not, but you never know) then put a note in your diary - bids are due to end on eBay for the jay on Saturday 26 at 7pm. Just don't forget that extra £2.80 for postage too...