The Great British Sewing Bee: everyone wanted Rumana's pink kids' flamingo jacket for themselves


Monday evening saw the remaining five sewers sweat it out over activewear in the hotly contested quarter-final.

The first challenge saw the talented sewers try their hands at lyrcra sewing tops, which everyone thought was a bit too hard. Come on you guys, sewing with lyrcra?! Some of us can still remember the days of decorating bags...

But the item to really steal the show was Rumana's little pink flamingo jacket, which was made from recycled retro ski suits. Described by Claudia Winkleman as something a "little Freddie Mercury" would wear, we were all left frantically searching for something similar (and in adult sizes) online.

Seriously though, can we all take a second to appreciate that little beak and wings!

great sewing bee screenshot

It's not every day you see a little flamingo jacket as fabulous as Rumana's, so naturally everyone went mad for it on Twitter.

To the surprise of many viewers and new found flamingo fans, Rumana's jacket was not crowned victorious in that challenge, losing out to Jade's super cool bomber.

In the final challenge, the contestants battled it out to make the perfect yoga outfit, which once again had us puzzling at its difficulty. Sadly one person had to go home, and even Rumana's incredible flamingo jacket could save her from getting the chop.

We were all very sad to see her go, and if her leaving speech didn't make you tear up a little bit, are you even human?

No we're not crying, we've been cutting onions....