#CatsAgainstBrexit is the only hashtag you need to click on today


I don't need to tell you that we, the British people, are currently embroiled in the biggest political row of our generation. Our political parties are in foray and the Prime Minister's job is on the line. Every time you turn on the telly there's someone yelling expletives at someone else during a televised debate. Politicians are chasing each other down the Thames on boats. It's a confusing time to be live.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage and Kate Hoey
It's been a weird year (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

So in these desperate times rabid with commotion and confusion, who will be our voice of reason? Who will guide the British public to reach the correct decision in the omnipresent in/out debate? Twitter has spoken, and its answer is: cats.

#CatsAgainstBrexit is sweeping Twitter, with droves of presumably pro-remainers posting pictures of their feline friends. Feline friends who, apparently, are both social media savvy and politically minded.

This is what we have become, fellow Brits. A nation of people so befuddled by our warring politicians that we have taken to campaigning with cats. This is who we are right now.

Is this a sign of the times? What does this mean for the future? Who is behind all this mess?

No doubt the Leave campaign will soon say that #CatsAgainstBrexit is a social media campaign thrown together by Remainers in a desperate attempt to engage millenials (kind of hoping this turns out to be true). Even if you're not on the side of these Remain kitties, there's a great silver lining here; lots of lovely cats on Twitter.

Stand by #DogsForIndependence or whatever the Brexit side of things retaliates with in half an hour.