Top Gear is on the up... but it's still thumbs down for Chris Evans


Another Sunday night, another wave of Chris Evans-bashing on Twitter.

His hosting style on Top Gear has come under fire from fans who claim he is too "shouty" and tries to copy former frontman Jeremy Clarkson, and this week's instalment was no exception.

The motoring show itself still seems to be winning over viewers despite its bad start.

But it seems Chris just can't get a second chance.

And now it's not even just about his presenting, it's about his clothes.

Top Gear viewers are starting to wonder why the wealthy star doesn't seem to change his outfit from week to week.

But while Chris is getting a tongue-lashing on social media, there is still a lot of love for his co-presenter Matt LeBlanc.

Matt LeBlanc on Top Gear
Matt LeBlanc (BBC)