BB's Natalie clashes with housemates over cleaning


Natalie Rowe has found herself embroiled in another house row, this time over that Big Brother favourite - the cleaning.

In true BB tradition, the trouble started when the topic of cleanliness came up among The Others in Sunday night's show.

Jackson Blyton wanted Natalie to acknowledge what others do around the house, but she wasn't having any of it.

The hot button issue later arose between Natalie and Jayne Connery and the pair started rowing.

Natalie's antics don't seem to be winning her any fans on Twitter, where some viewers of Channel 5´s controversial reality series have labelled her "vile" and "a bully".

Matters weren't helped by Nat laying into Hughie Maughan during the task.

She explained how much she didn't like him and also claimed that he had made comments about her physical appearance.

But viewers appear to have taken Hughie's side.