Watch this hilarious GIF of the Queen telling off Prince William


It turns out even Prince William isn't immune from a telling off from his granny.

During the Trooping the Colour ceremony to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, William bent down to attend to Prince George.

But Her Majesty the Queen was distinctly unimpressed - being on the balcony of Buckingham Palace is clearly no time to faff around.

(Steve Parsons/PA)
(Steve Parsons/PA)

So she did what any granny would do - she tapped him on the arm and scolded him, saying "stand up, William".

As if that wasn't funny enough, Prince George quickly responded with a tiny facepalm.

Eagle-eyed journalist Brandon McGinley pointed out the scene, which was shared widely on Twitter.

But don't worry, William - everyone misbehaves sometimes.

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