Big Brother 2016: The Others were revealed to the house and Charlie had a surprising message for her ex


They've been cooped up in their humble abode for over a week, and The Others finally revealed their identities to the housemates in the Big Brother house.

Moments before the first live eviction of the series, The Others lined up in the garden wearing face masks as the housemates watched on the TV screen.

As Ryan and Chelsea watched from the sidelines, one by one Hughie, Natalie, Jackson, Alex and Jayne removed their masks and introduced themselves to the bewildered house.

Nobody could have predicted what was to come when the last Other, Charlie, revealed her face to the housemates - one of whom happened to be her infamous ex Jason.

Big Brother
(Channel 5/Screenshot)

"I've got a big message for my man Jason. I miss you, I love you, I'm so sorry for everything," Charlie said as Jason watched.

"I'm saying it right here right now, take me back. I love you," Charlie said.

Jason, the housemates and viewers alike were gobsmacked at Charlie's unexpected declaration of love - she had spent her 11 days in the house slagging her ex off after all...

While it may seem Big Brother could get no better, the fun is only just getting started. Over the next 48 hours, those in Other House and the Big Brother housemates will go head to head to win full control of nominations, before all the contestants are united under the same roof.