A-F-R-O demonstrates his freestyling ability on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


A-F-R-O first came to prominence after winning R.A. the Rugged Man's freestyle competition - before the competition had even ended - and gave many golden age hip hop fans hope for the future.

Before anything the now 18-year-old was a scholar of rap, influenced by emcees like Rakim and the GZA, and that Liquid Swords style of wordplay is evident throughout his rhymes.

A-F-R-O, which stands for All Flows Reach Out, was recently in Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show studio to show off the freestyling skills he's honed since the age of 11 to a wider audience.

You can check out the California native's tributes to the likes of MF Doom and J Dilla here, while SoundCloud hosts his Tales From The Basement mixtape.