Tyler, The Creator talks on toxic masculinity in the black community


Tyler, The Creator has never been easily labelled - and following his first Golf Wang fashion show, he's hoping to show kids growing up it's possible to be successful without being "the tough guy all the time".

In comments made after the show, Tyler spoke about growing up "as an inner-city black kid", not being the "most masculine", and "liking pink" - topics he expanded on when sitting down with The Fader.

"The black community is very fixated on that hard masculinity, they always gotta be hard and fucking tough. I was never really a tough guy, I don't like sports, I have some feminine mannerisms. The reason why I was just saying that [about traditional concepts of masculinity] is because society always tries to box everything up, and you always have to be one way or another," said Tyler.

"I just wanted to show people, you don't have to follow any fucking rules, you can literally do whatever you want. And that's all I was really trying to say. You don't have to be the tough guy all the time.

"... but the black community, everything is sus or gay or that's not fucking hard, and we like face tats and gangbanging. Like, no, not everyone is like that. It's kids who's probably growing up and don't know themselves yet or have the strongest self esteem so they're trying to fit, and hopefully they can see people who are successful and not following the 'always have to be masculine, threatening, and hard' way of life."

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