Iceland learned the hard way not to mess with Nando's on Twitter


Iceland and Nando's got themselves into a social media punch-up over the Euros yesterday, following the 1-1 draw between Iceland and Portugal in Euro 2016.

Iceland tried to rub the unexpected draw into Portugal's face by trolling... Nando's. A South African company.

Not so cheeky Nando's responded with a check-your-facts smack-down so hot, Iceland may have needed to jump in one of its giant freezers to cool down.

Which Iceland tried, but failed to recover from.

Some people, including another food chain, tried to stand up for Iceland, but it was unconvincing.

Others were on Nando's side.

Iceland hasn't been discouraged by the embarrassing exchange and it isn't stopping there in its efforts to troll the Portuguese. It's even used Google advertising to make fun of Christiano Ronaldo.