Couple who 'can't draw' are sketching the entire panini sticker album for Euro 2016 - with hilarious results

They did it during the Fifa World Cup two years ago.

And now Sian and Alex Pratchett are picking up their pencils once again and drawing all of the Euro 2016 Panini stickers.

They hope to sketch all 800 players before the final on 10 July and are posting regular updates on their blog Panini Cheapskates.

For those who are familiar with these hilarious drawings from 2014 will mostly likely remember that sketching is not their greatest skill...

But of course, it's the thought that counts. In fact, the the couple are raising money for charity.

The pair wrote on their Facebook page: "Thrifty wife and husband are drawing all 800 Euro2016 Panini stickers in 30 days to raise money for charity, despite really not being able to draw."

The Pratchetts started their project last week when the tournament kicked off in France, drawing Welsh midfielder Joe Ledley...

And this was followed by the Wales XI.

They even managed to accommodate Fellaini's new hairdo, who dyed his mane a surprising shade of blonde.

Here's France XI all sketched out.

And here are some familiar faces from the England team...

Panini Cheapskates

Panini Cheapskates

Panini Cheapskates

Two people who can't draw, drawing all... - Panini Cheapskates | Facebook

Two people who can't draw, drawing all... - Panini Cheapskates | Facebook

If you are impressed by these it's-so-bad-it's-good drawings and want to donate, check out Panini Cheapskates's fundraiser page.

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