Kim Cattrall's Top Gear reveal and Piers quizzes her about her sex life on TV

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Kim Cattrall has joked about the low Top Gear ratings after revealing she was asked to be a guest on the revamped BBC motoring show.

The actress, best known for playing vamp PR Samantha Jones on Sex And The City, said she was asked to do the celebrity segment of Top Gear which sees well-known personalities driving cars around a track.

She told Good Morning Britain: "Yes, I've been asked to do it. But I was never available, but now doesn't seem like a good time!"

Official ratings for the second episode of the Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc-fronted show were 4.06 million, the lowest for any episode in 10 years.

UK-born Kim lives in New York, but revealed she doesn't do much driving there due to the increase in road rage incidents.

She told ITV's Richard Arnold: "I've recently stopped driving as much because of the road rage in New York. It's really a little scary."

The actress, who was born in Liverpool's Mossley Hill, was also offered a role in Coronation Street but turned it down.

"They did offer me a part, but I wasn't available so maybe they'll ask me again," she said.

She also faced embarrassing questions from Piers Morgan who quizzed her about her sex life on TV as she spoke about her struggle with insomnia.

Piers asked her about advice a sleep doctor had given her saying when she retires to her bedroom it should be to "either sleep or have sex".

"So you know my follow-up question?," Piers quipped.

"How much sleep or how much sex? Well fortunately for me more sleep," she said. "Fortunately because I needed that more than sex at the time. If you can imagine."

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