David Dimbleby: I don't see myself as a 'crumbling institution'

David Dimbleby has said he does not consider himself to be a "crumbling institution" and has no plans to leave Question Time.

The 77-year-old presenter has chaired the BBC's topical debate programme since 1994, and there has been speculation that he might quit when his contract expires this summer.

But Dimbleby told the Radio Times: "I've never really taken much notice of contracts. I turn up if they want me."

Discussing whether he will continue on the programme if the BBC wants him, he said: "Absolutely. I enjoy it very much.

"As long as I can do it well - it's getting big audiences. It's far and away the most popular political programme."

David Dimbleby
David Dimbleby (Ian West/PA)

Dimbleby has anchored the BBC's election coverage since 1979.

And on June 23 he will be broadcasting the EU referendum results to the nation.

He suggested he has not ruled out presenting other big results nights following the referendum.

Asked whether he has decided if it will be his swansong, Dimbleby said: "I don't decide these things, I'm always up for anything."

He went on: "I don't see myself as a kind of crumbling institution. I broadcast because I enjoy broadcasting, and I'm asked to do it. I love it."

This week's Radio Times is on sale on Tuesday June 14.

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