Brexit like quitting Premier League, says film director Michael Moore


Filmmaker Michael Moore has compared Britain leaving the European Union to opting out of the Premier League.

The director suggested that a vote to leave the EU on June 23 would be akin to relegating the UK to the minor leagues as he continued his outspoken attack on the Brexit camp while promoting new documentary Where To Invade Next.

Michael Moore at the New York premiere of The Hateful Eight in December
Michael Moore has spoken out again against the Brexit (Paul Bruinooge/AP)

He told Piers Morgan on ITV's Good Morning Britain: "Why would you want to leave Europe? You are Europe. You saved Europe. For the average American it's like the idea we could have a vote to remove ourselves from North America or that Texas could vote to leave the US.

"Maybe the best analogy I could draw right now with the upcoming election here and your wonderful game of football is that why would you go to the polls and vote to remove yourself from the Premier League?"

Taking about US politics, the documentary-maker behind Fahrenheit 9/11 slammed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump as "the definition of 21st century fascism" but admitted "he may win".

Donald Trump
He said Trump's rhetoric "manipulated" the American public (Jane Barlow/PA)

Michael said: "He's a great manipulator of the media. Americans like to hear over and over again 'We're number one', 'We're the greatest', 'I'm going to make America great again', 'You're great out there'. He just keeps saying that.

"He is the definition of 21st century fascism, but he's also saying some other things and the way he's going to win - and he may win - is all he's got to do is win the traditional red states from Idaho to Georgia."

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