Photoshop makes me look a picture, says fan Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook has stepped into the ongoing row over editing of celebrity pictures, saying she has no problem with having an image of herself changed to "make it a bit better".

The actress, model and television presenter, 36, said the idea of complaining that she had been "over-Photoshopped" in images was "ridiculous".

It comes after a host of female celebrities spoke out on the subject in recent months.

Kelly Brook on the red carpet
Kelly Brook (Scott Roth/Invision/PA)

Kelly, who starred in US comedy series One Big Happy until it was cancelled after just six episodes in 2015, told the Sun On Sunday's Fabulous magazine: "I've never said I'm perfect and I've never said I'm a skinny girl.

"Sometimes if I see a picture and I can make it a bit better then I will, like everyone else does.

"I've been Photoshopped in every picture since I started modelling. I (don't) see any problem with it."

In May, US singer Meghan Trainor pulled the video for her new single Me Too because it had been altered to make her waist thinner, having previously approved the digitally manipulated footage.

Meghan Trainor at a showbiz party
Meghan Trainor (Paul A Hebert/AP/PA)

And in March, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea claimed a magazine altered an image to slim her down.

But Piranha 3D star Kelly told Fabulous: "What? Calling someone up and going: 'You've over-Photoshopped me, I look too good.' Hell, no! Ridiculous. I'm like: 'More, more!'"