Kevin Hart pokes fun at his 'petite not small' size on Top Gear


Kevin Hart will appear on Top Gear with Chris Evans

Just how tall is Kevin Hart?

Many of us were pondering that question as the actor and comedian appeared on Top Gear. And according to the internet, the answer is 5ft 3in or 5ft 4in.

Kevin walked on to the motoring show alongside boxer Anthony Joshua - and the size difference was striking.

Kevin joked about his height to host Chris Evans, telling him he liked being in movies because it covered up his diminutive size.

The star said: "The big screen makes me look tall. So I'm in love with the fact that I just look tall on the big screen and that it's a shock when people see how small that I really am."

He also joked that he liked to think of himself as "petite" rather than "small", and said he worried the audience members at the back wouldn't be able to see him when he sat down.

Viewers were instantly intrigued about how tall Kevin is.

The Ride Along star stole the show in Sunday night's episode, with viewers on social media giving his jokes the thumbs up.