Here's Queen's highly-anticipated summer tour in numbers


Queen dominated the Isle of Wight stage on Saturday night but that's just the tip of the iceberg of the legendary rockers' summer tour, alongside Adam Lambert.

The band's set, designed by Stufish, has travelled a whopping 100,000 kilometres. They've already hit up Rock in Rio Lisboa, Portugal, Jelling Music Festival in Denmark, Sweden Rock Festival and the Isle of Wight, which marks the ninth leg on their tour. They've still got dates in Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy to go in June, so the lads will be pretty busy.

Around 900,000 fans will turn out to see Queen rocking out, and they're in for quite a show. 320 lights are used on set, including 48 strobes and 80 metres of LED neon for the infamous Q logo.

All in all, it's not to be missed for die-hard Queen-ers. Anyone else currently Googling flights to Life Festival, Poland?