President Obama lists his accomplishments in slow jam form on Jimmy Fallon


It's not all been plain-sailing for President Barack Obama during his eight years in the White House. There's been an escalation in drone strikes, continued dominance from Wall Street, little change regarding gun violence, and Guantanamo is still open.

That's not to say nothing has been accomplished though. Jimmy Fallon invited the outgoing president to the Tonight Show studios where they ran through the Obama presidency's achievements over the last eight years and it was packed full of innuendo.

Shots were fired repeatedly in Donald Trump's direction, Obama sang a bit of Rihanna's Work, and Jimmy called him "Barack-y with the good hair". It's definitely worth a watch.

And that's just another reminder that in a few short months we'll lose one of the most effortlessly cool world leaders possibly ever.

Whoever replaces him - be it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump - has an almost impossible task.