I did not punch Sinitta, says Real Housewives star Dawn Ward


Dawn Ward is involved in a court case with Sinitta

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dawn Ward has denied punching pop singer Sinitta or threatening to glass her in the face.

Ward, 43, who is married to former footballer Ashley Ward, denies one count of common assault.

Of the claim that she had threatened to smash a champagne glass in Sinitta Malone's face, Ward told London's Westminster Magistrates' Court: "It is categorically 100% not true. I said I would throw a drink over her to get her to stop shouting at me."

The charge stems from an April 2015 central London lunch meeting arranged by the So Macho singer aimed at trying to clear the air between them.

It was over some gossip about a friend who had an affair. Things turned nasty when they started to talk about the controversy which had brought them there.

Sinitta is at the centre of a court case
Sinitta is at the centre of a court case (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

Sinitta, a friend of entertainment mogul Simon Cowell, then suggested that Ward's husband of 21 years had cheated on her before she turned away, according to Ward.

She hit back by calling Sinitta a "has been" one-hit wonder who was "hanging on to Simon Cowell's" coat tails.

Sinitta has previously told the court that she was "shocked" and "humiliated" after allegedly being shoved and having a napkin thrown at her and later told police "my cheek was sore and bruised".

After the suggestion that her husband had been "shagging around", Ward told the court: "I am a happily married woman and have four children.

Sinitta at a London event (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Sinitta at a London event (Anthony Devlin/PA)

"I often get in trouble because I am very animated. It is my body language but at this point Sinitta's body language is very much calm but she is saying some very nasty things about the TV programme, saying I am an embarrassment and constantly trying to antagonise me."

Ward denies allegations that she hit Sinitta in the chest and on the right cheek or that she threatened to glass her.

She later told police that she may have thrown her e-cigarette in a napkin but that it did not make contact. She may have prodded Sinitta to get her attention but that all of this was a trivial incident.

Ward said there had been no animosity between herself and Sinitta when she attended the meeting at Belgravia's Salmontini restaurant with a group of girlfriends.

The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Dawn Ward
The Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Dawn Ward (ITV)

She thought they would have a "two-minute" conversation, sort things out about who said what in relation to the gossip and then be able to enjoy lunch.

Ward told the court she was "shocked" when this did not happen and that Sinitta had told a "blatant lie".

Ward said she decided to get up and tell their friends at another table what had happened but Sinitta kept screaming "liar, liar, f****** liar" as she tried to speak.

Ward said Sinitta was saying she was calling her a "bully" and "constantly screaming" at her.

Sinitta and her partner Jason Gale arriving at court in February
Sinitta and her partner Jason Gale arriving at court in February (Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA)

"She was here in my face, leaning over and going liar, liar, really loudly," Ward told the court.

Ward said "she wasn't even angry" adding there was "no need" for the situation to get so heated.

She said she is "animated" with the use of her hands which some people may feel is aggressive, but added: " I would not ever in my wildest dreams threaten to glass anyone."