Big Brother 2016: Marco Pierre White Jr is told off for his behaviour, but not everyone approves


Marco Pierre White Jr, son of the famous celebrity chef, was reprimanded by Big Brother over his behaviour to fellow housemate Laura Carter.

The 20-year-old tattooed model has been very open about his conquests - and in Thursday's highlights programme on Channel 5, viewers saw him get very friendly with 30-year-old club hostess Laura.

The two housemates cuddled and exchanged compliments. Later, Laura told the housemates about her growing feelings for Marco.

Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr (Channel 5)
Laura Carter and Marco Pierre White Jr (Channel 5)

"I'm really weirdly drawn to him," she said. "I definitely would f**k him. I'd want him to f**k me really hard." However, Marco was later summoned into the Diary Room and given some stern words about his conduct.

"Big Brother wants to talk to you about your behaviour in the house and remind you that it's important to respect your fellow housemates' physical boundaries," he was told.

"That includes uninvited physical contact," Big Brother added. "Big Brother just wants to make sure that no one is in a situation where they might feel uncomfortable."

Marco Pierre White jr (Channel 5)
Marco Pierre White jr (Channel 5)

Marco took it all on the chin. "That's the last thing I want to do. I completely agree."

At this stage, it appears Marco was not given an official warning.

Laura Carter (Channel 5)
Laura Carter (Channel 5)

"As part of standard procedures Big Brother often reminds Housemates about their behaviour in the house and this was the case for Marco in last night's show," a spokesman told the Press Association.

Four housemates will be up for eviction, but in the latest twist of this new series - it's The Others who will have a key say in their fate.

Big Brother was right

It's harsh on Marco