A MAJOR racism row has broken out in the Big Brother house


Natalie was not happy with Jayne's comments

A racism row broke out in the Big Brother house, with Natalie Rowe objecting to a conversation about black people.

"Other" housemate Natalie, who is the only black contestant, was preparing breakfast while ex-glamour model and former journalist Jayne Connery was talking about her mother being accused of racism.

Jayne said: "Do you know what it is? Ignorance. My mum was abused by a black carer, and they had sort of deemed on her care plan that she didn't do well with black people.

"I really took exception to them defining that she didn't take to black people, that there was a cultural thing. My mum would never in a million years be that type of person. She was an immigrant herself...

"My carer is from Nigeria, she's black. All of them are. And they're the most amazing, amazing carers and people. And it was nothing about the fact that it was a black person, it was the fact how they cared for my mother."

Natalie did not like the discussion
Natalie did not like the discussion (Channel 5)

Former dominatrix Natalie objected: "F****** weird conversation. We're not aliens! Jesus."

In the diary room she added: "It's f****** pissing me off actually. It's f****** annoying me, what the f*** was that about, we're not aliens. Do you know what, it's patronising f****** shit, I don't want to hear it."

Furious, she stormed into the garden to share her thoughts with Jayne.

Ryan got involved
Ryan got involved (Channel 5)

Ryan Ruckledge came to her defence, telling Rowe: "She was saying nice things!"

The bitter argument led to bad feeling, with Jayne telling the rest of the "Other" housemates: "We were talking about racism and I was saying how despicable it was and how my mum wasn't a racist ... It's so easy to get deemed a racist in this house by even mentioning the 'black' word."

She added: "My mum was beaten, my mum was slapped by a black person. If it was a blonde person or a French person I would have said the same thing.

"And I was protecting black people by saying I've got a f****** black carer. And I love her. And she's given me my f****** life back."

Jayne defended herself
Jayne defended herself (Channel 5)