Orange is the New Black set to feature Black Lives Matter storyline


The Black Lives Matter movement - protesting against police brutality and institutional racism in the US - will feature prominently in the forthcoming season of Orange Is The New Black, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Transgender rights, sexual assault, mental health and racism have all been put under the spotlight in previous seasons and, having seen all of season four, the Hollywood Reporter suggests new inexperienced guards "employ levels of brutality and racial injustice" that reflect the ongoing daily battles faced by the black population in America.

There has always been racial tension in Litchfield, the fictional prison OITNB takes place in, but season four is set to see the division between inmates deepened.

"Danger is the underlying theme: racial tension and danger," Selenis Leyva, who plays chef Gloria Mendoza, told The Hollywood Reporter.

"This season is definitely going to start up conversations that we're dealing with now. That's the beauty of what Jenji (Kohan, the show's creator) does, with the writers. They really take things that are happening, that are current events, and deal with topics that people are afraid to really dive into. And we're going to go there this season, especially with the prison system."

The new season debuts on June 17 on Netflix.