The guys who went viral when they ended up in Syria after a night out reveal it was all a big lie


Remember that story about the three British holiday reps who ended up accidentally boarding a boat to Syria after a big night out on Ayia Napa? Well, it turns out that it was a total lie.

Lewis Ellis, 25, told the Daily Mirror that he and two friends boarded what they thought was a dolphin-watching boat in the Cyprus resort town, but found themselves on a boat destined for other shores.

(The Daily Mirror)

"The last club closed at 7.30am so we just powered through to our 9am boat trip and ended up blagging our way onto the wrong boat," he told the paper.

"Everyone was foreign and it was pretty much half way out from the island when we asked 'how come we're so far away from land?"

At this point the lads said they tried to get the boat to turn around, and had to wait hours until they docked and baffled Russian military police met them in Tartus, just 50 miles from the war-torn city of Homs.

Cypriots and tourists dance in the foam at a beach bar in
A foam party in Ayia Napa (Petros Karadjias/AP)

The men claimed that they were then taken to a military base and were interviewed before they were allowed to return to Cyprus.

Photos circulating around social media appeared to show the three men looking confused and standing next to a boat. The story gathered momentum after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said that they could not confirm whether it had been alerted to the case.

Ellis revealed to his friends on Facebook that it was all a pack of lies.


In the media's defence, it's not unheard of for British tourists to wake up in another country after a particularly big night. Last year 21-year-old Alexander Caviel started a night out in Essex and woke up in Barcelona after booking a flight on his phone.