Chloe Madeley: Weight training saved me


Chloe Madeley has credited weight training with saving her after a dark period where she felt she was "out of control".

The 28-year-old daughter of Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan battled anxiety as she started to experience celebrity around 10 years ago.

Chloe told the Daily Mail: "Back then, I was wound up and panicky, and was really struggling. I had very bad anxiety and was finding it hard to find my way."

After dropping out of her university course, Chloe tried television.

She went on: "It crept up and up. I felt I was out of control. I was desperately unhappy. I was so nervous all the time. I kept thinking: 'How did I come across? What did I say? Did I act like a spoilt brat?' It messed me up so badly."

Chloe Madeley
Chloe Madeley (Ian West/PA)

In 2009 she was charged with drink-driving and was also photographed smoking cannabis.

But her life changed when she discovered her love for exercising, and Chloe has gone on to launch her own health and fitness business.

"I thought: 'This is it!' It was so empowering. I got control back over my life," she said.

Chloe said she loves her new toned body, adding: "Partly because I like how I look, and partly because weight training saved me."

The star has previously opened up about receiving death threats and other abuse online and told the Mail that she is still being bombarded with insults every day, often aimed at her muscled body.

"It's as if they have to get it off their chest before they can get on with their day," she explained.

One troll sends her particularly nasty messages.

"He or she, I don't know which, threatens me with rape, death and pretty much anything you can think of in between. It's very graphic," she said.