Viewers are already getting annoyed at this year's Big Brother contestants and it's only the launch night


Big Brother presenter Emma Willis says this year is "the biggest shake-up in Big Brother history".

It turns out there's a second house with contestants called "the others" *shocked face*. But before we got to know what this twist is really all about, we met the contestants who are in the "real" house.

As usual when it comes to Big Brother, some housemates haven't exactly gone done well with viewers - including twins Victoria and Emma (who together form one housemate BTW).

twins enter the house
Twins Victoria and Emma Jensen (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Next up we had Laura Carter, who introduced herself as "house wife turned international baller". No, really.

Kinda not surprising then that as Emma Willis introduced her to the crowds she got some boos and they started chanting "off".

Other contestants include Alex Cannon, who is Vicky Pattison's best friend, Lateysha Grace, who starred in reality TV show The Valleys, and chef Marco Pierre White's son - also called Marco.

Twitter can't understand what's happened to the old Big Brother when it was just, well, pretty normal people going in.