Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk hits crowdfunding target for new movie Lullaby

Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk will be able to finance his own movie after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

The author, whose 1996 novel Fight Club was adapted into a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt, appealed to the public for funding to bring his novel Lullaby to the big screen.


The project has passed its initial crowd-funding goal of 250,000 dollars (£174,000) and now stands at 277,492 dollars (£193,000).

"You, beautiful you, you did it. We have achieved our initial goal. And by 'we,' we still mean all of us," organisers wrote in a post on the page of the Kickstarter funding platform.

The post continued: "Your passion for this project drives us. We want to make the film you want Lullaby to be. And because of your financial support, Lullaby will now be made into a feature film!"

The website outlines plans to start shooting in Oregon as soon as the project is funded.

Palahniuk wants to make a movie based on his 2002 novel, and will co-write the screenplay with director Andy Mingo. He will serve as an executive producer alongside Josh Leake.

The story follows a newspaper reporter who discovers that a lullaby can kill a person - and sets out to destroy all copies of the book containing the chant.

Having reached the minimum funding required to make Lullaby a reality, film-makers hope to bring more funding on board - up to 15 million dollars (£10.4 million), which would make a Hollywood movie.

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