Top Gear gets a second chance, but fans still aren't impressed by Chris Evans


Top Gear seems to be back on track, with the second instalment of the new series winning over some of the viewers.

The revamped BBC Two show - which now has Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc at the helm - was slated when it returned to our screens last week.

Viewers said they were put off by Chris's "shouty" and "too excitable" hosting style and suggested that he had tried - unsuccessfully - to imitate former frontman Jeremy Clarkson. Many even threatened to switch off.

However, fans insisted they were ready to give the series a second chance and this week appears to have gone over a little better.

There was also plenty of praise for Matt, with fans commenting on his solid presenting skills and declaring the former Friends star a highlight of the new look motoring series.

But it was bad news again for Chris, who is still being blasted on Twitter.

And we're not sure he helped matters when he joked in the first few seconds of the show that he was going to be "even more shouty".

After Jenson Button impressed in one segment, in which he took Chris for a spin, several viewers decided he would be the perfect replacement for the "over-excitable" host.