There was a lot of confusion on Twitter over whether Jack Black had died - but it was just a hack


Anyone passing the day by scrolling through Twitter will have spotted Jack Black's name trending and come across this tweet announcing the death of the band's frontman.

The official Tenacious D account also posted other messages seeming to spread the news.

But it wasn't until a few hours later that it became clear the Twitter account had been hacked - and that Jack Black is in fact NOT dead.

The band's guitarist John Konesky confirmed on Twitter that the statements weren't true and that a sneaky hacker had got into the account.

One user on Twitter retweeted Konesky and added that the band performed just last night...

... which was backed up by another who posted a screengrab of Black from DJ Diplo's recent Snapchat story.

But for users less *in the know* with Black's schedule, they were left feeling pretty perplexed.

Tenacious D's official Facebook page - which is filled with photographs of Black and the band at the Rock am Ring festival in Germany, happening this weekend - have now confirmed the announcement was a hoax.

The whole ride has been an exhausting, confusing and emotional ride for fans everywhere ...

... who have been making their feelings known to the hacker who actually appeared to reveal themselves.

Their plan for getting more followers hasn't really worked out though.