Kit Harington has shaved his beard off and it looks super weird: What does this mean for Jon Snow?


It's amazing what a difference a beard can make.

Game Of Thrones actor Kit Harington, who is currently starring in Doctor Faustus in the West End, has taken a razor to his face - and now looks nothing like himself.

The clean-shaven look is distinctly different to Kit's usual hirsute appearance.

Game of Thrones season six posters released
Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones (HBO)

When Kit had his long locks shorn off last year, it led to a flurry of speculation about his future in Game Of Thrones: did this mean Jon Snow was truly, actually dead?

Fans were reassured by his surprise return to the show, but now Kit has changed appearance again... could this mean bad news for his character?

Luckily, the actor could probably cultivate another beard if Jon makes it through past the end of season six.

Fans also noticed an uncanny resemblance: without facial hair, Kit looks distinctly like Heath Ledger.