Fraud - How They Steal Your ID: Detectives hunted down an elusive fraudster who stole tens of thousands from unsuspecting Brits


Every year unsuspecting Brits lose millions as their credit card accounts are hijacked and they become a victim of telephone banking fraud.

In the ITV documentary, Fraud - How They Steal Your ID, detectives from the City of London and the Metropolitan Police hunt down an elusive criminal who has stolen the bank accounts and identities of hundreds of British victims.

The fraudster known as "Mr Posh" has proven himself to be the master of disguise, adopting different identities to phone banks posing as different customers to steal thousands a day off everyone from a cleaning lady to a company director.

Fraud - How They Steal Your ID

Catching the criminal was easier said than done for the detectives who, with only a voice to go with, used cutting-edge technology to hunt him down.

The way Mr Posh worked was by telephoning victims posing as officials to learn all their vital information, including birth dates and addresses.

With the information he was able to call up banks and pass security checks to access victims' accounts and steal hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Over 18 months, Mr Posh targeted hundreds - including a widow and a retired couple - until his luck ran out. After countless calls to Barclaycard, a bank operator recognised his voice, believing him to be current customer Lee Chisholm.

With the new information the detectives enlist the help of one of the country's leading voice recognition experts to try to confirm the identity of the voice.

Although the expert is able to find a match between Lee's voice and the fraudulent calls to Barclaycard, the detectives need more evidence to arrest and charge him.

Fraud - How They Steal Your ID

Barclaycard begin monitoring every call they believe Lee is making and relay the information back to the detectives, who learn of his daily luxury spending habits from the victims' credit cards.

With Lee stealing thousands per day, the detectives decide they can't wait any longer and arrest him outside his home.

Searching his computer they find how, as his successful attempts to gain control of victims' accounts grew, Lee became greedy. He had begun ordering new cards in their names in order to steal money directly from their accounts.

Detectives also discovered he was not working alone after analysing CCTV footage located near an ATM, which caught Lee's brother-in-law, Barry Petty, withdrawing money using a victim's credit card.

Before the case went to court, Lee pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and received a reduced sentence of 30 months. Barry too pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation and received a conditional discharge, as well as a fine.