Viewers left in shock over x-rated innuendo in cat grooming segment on Lorraine

A segment on cat grooming on ITV's Lorraine on Thursday left viewers stunned when a guest dropped an x-rated innuendo.

Host Fiona Phillips, who is standing in for Lorraine Kelly, was discussing the LICKI brush, a silicone brush shaped like a giant tongue that lets humans bond with their cat by licking them like another cat would - without the furballs.

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But the innocent-sounding segment soon had viewers tweeting is disbelief when guest Kevin Macguire made a jaw-dropping "pussy" innuendo.

"I find this slightly unsavoury," said Fiona as they watched a clip of the gadget in action.

"Apparently cats see you as a big cat and so you bond better with your pussy if you're giving it a lick," replied Kevin, as he did his best to explain the product.

Kevin Macguire made the inappropriate comment live on Lorraine (ITV/Screenshot)
Kevin Macguire made the inappropriate comment live on Lorraine (ITV/Screenshot)

"I'm just telling you what they say, but weird!" Kevin defended himself, as Fiona burst into hysterical laughter.

She quickly wrapped at the segment, saying she now felt a bit sick.

"I do think that is weird, there's no need for it. Oh, that's made me feel quite bilious," Fiona said.

Those at home were cringing more than laughing at the awkward innuendo, which appeared to be accidental.

The LICKI brush hit the headlines as a Kickstarter campaign last week.

It claims licking is a form of "social bonding" between cats that "human captors" are left out of. The brush allows humans to take part in the "intimate licking ritual" to better bond with their cat.

The campaign is currently only $1,000 (£690) away from its $36,500 (£25,300) target.

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