Watch the hilarious moment a 'drunk' guy tries to outsing R Kelly


The moment a "white guy with no shirt" attempted to outsing the one and only R Kelly has been captured on camera.

The video, which shows the topless man, who appears to be drunk, meet the singer at Nathan's hotdog stand in Jacksonville, Florida, has surfaced online via the YouTube account of DJ Dr Doom.

In the clip the man is offered a $100 bet that the man in the sunglasses at the hotdog stand is R Kelly. But he says he believes the man is "100% not R Kelly".

R Kelly then sings a powerful a capella version of his hit Bump n' Grind to prove himself, but the drunk man says it "still ain't R Kelly".

What happens next is hilarious. The drunk man then tries to outsing the global superstar with his own rendition of Bump n' Grind.

R Kelly even lends him his glasses and cap but he still doesn't believe him.

Someone asks the drunk man: "If he showed you his ID would you believe him?"

"Hell no," is the reply.