Rudimental host early morning rave to launch new charity album


Rudimental got early morning ravers on their feet as they hosted a 7am dance party on Wednesday to launch a new album, 65 years in the making.

The four piece of  Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and Leon Rolle - better known as DJ Locksmith - are part of a team of 21 UK and Malawian artists remixing never before heard African music from the 1950s.

Initiative Beating Heart gained access for the first time to an archive of 35,000 recordings of African music made by ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey from 1920-70 which have been remixed into a new album, with profits going back to the Malawian communities that created the original sounds.

Rudimental's Piers launched Beating Heart - Malawi at Morning Gloryville, a sober early morning rave packed with glitter and neon-clad professionals getting a sweat on before they headed to work, as it celebrated its third birthday at Hackney's Oval Space.

Piers revealed that the band visited Malawi a month ago to see the effects of the country's food crisis first hand and are working on building a school out there through charity Love Support Unite.

He said: "This album is about celebrating Malawi music from 1950s and giving it a modern context. There's us producing on it, Kidnap Kids, Lack of Afro, Switch and loads of Malawian artists, there's a guy called Sonye who's one of the biggest artists out in Malawi.

"It's a really exciting project that I'm so proud and happy to be part of and all the money from the album is going to go directly to the school providing food for the kids."

The sale of just 1,500 albums will sustainably feed 500 children for the future at Mkunku School in Lilongwe by funding a food garden project called Garden to Mouth.

Malawi has suffered both drought and flash flood this year which has hit maize crops, and the country was devastated by a severe famine in 2002.

Piers flew in from Arizona the morning of the rave to host the album's launch party.

"You don't need alcohol or anything to enjoy music, you enjoy the music and that's quite clear," he said of revellers.

Album number three from Rudimental is currently "under way", he said, and they hope to finish by the end of the year.

Beating Heart - Malawi is released on June 3.