Just a guy, dressed as a panda, trying to sell his home


The key when trying to sell your home is to somehow make your property stand out from the rest.

One homeowner in the East Riding of Yorkshire took a fairly unusual approach to this - by dressing up as a giant panda and posing nonchalantly in the different spaces of the 5 bedroom detached property.

Look, here he is enjoying a nutritious snack in the nice, open plan dining area.

panda man having breakfast

And here he is just playing some ball and having some fun in the decently sized back garden.

panda man playing in the garden

Oh and there he goes just making his way downstairs before heading out, presumably with some panda pals.

panda man going down the stairs

Surely this amount of effort is enough to bag him a few viewings at least.

We can just picture the celebrations now...

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