This video of Noel Edmonds dressed up as a woman for a bizarre anti-BBC rant is just plain crazy


Noel Edmonds has dressed up as a woman for a bizarre video in which he takes another swipe at the BBC.

He takes on the role of BBC producer Priscilla Prim, to give a stern telling off to anyone who has been enjoying old-school clips of Noel's House Party on the internet.

Kitted out in a dress wig, pearls and a huge corsage, he said: "We have noticed rather a lot of people are illegally watching Noel's House Party on the Interwebby.

"It's jolly good family entertainment, the kind with which we no longer wish to be associated. By watching Noel's House Party and telling your friends about it, you're reminding them of a bygone age, when we at the BBC had an entertainment department.

Mr Blobby, the character who shot to fame on Noel Edmonds' House Party on BBC Television, celebrates in London, after hearing that he may topple Meat Loaf off the No. 1 spot, when the Top 40 singles chart is released.
The show famously featured Mr Blobby (Fiona Hanson/PA)

"This was closed down when we ran out of ideas of how to entertain the public in a way that they found entertaining.

"Furthermore, this was family entertainment, and these days we don't entertain the idea that there's such a thing as a family. So please stop watching things like this..."

He continued: "We would be grateful if you stop or we will come round to your house and give you a Chinese burn or a poke in the eye or a dead leg."

The clip has been watched more than 9,000 times since it was uploaded on May 18.