Hermione Norris criticises sexualisation of women on TV


Hermione Norris has hit out at what she says is the overt sexualisation of women on television, calling it "hateful".

The British actress told the Radio Times that despite progress, it suggests society has actually taken a step backwards.

"The overt sexualisation of women on TV is an issue for me. I find that really hateful," she said.

"I am a feminist and although we've moved forward in some areas, I think we've regressed in a lot of others."

Hermione Norris at Horse Guards Parade in London
Hermione Norris (Lewis Whyld/PA)

Asked for examples, Hermione said: "I think regularly seeing women being sexually demeaned on television is not a good thing.

"If you do show that on screen, then at least give a nod to it being really inappropriate and cruel; that it is not humane."

The 49-year-old has a son and a daughter but said she does not think the issue is something you can protect children from.

She added: "I think you can help educate them to deal with it, so I just keep talking to both my children."

Hermione also opened up to the magazine about the Cold Feet reunion, admitting she was not sure it was a good idea.

The stars of Cold Feet
The stars of Cold Feet (Neil Marland/ITV Studios/PA)

The actress starred in the ITV series from 1998 to 2003, and it proved to be her breakout role.

A reunion series will air this year, but asked if she liked the idea of going back to the show, she said: "I didn't, to be honest.

"It was really good, of its time, and I didn't want to undo anything positive that we had created back then.

"But I was persuaded it would be interesting to see how they have been dealing with things."

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