This optical illusion of a couple hugging on the beach is freaking everyone out


If there's anything we have learned recently, thanks to black and blue dresses or cigars stuck on brick walls, it's that the internet loves a good old optical illusion.

And the latest mind-boggling phenomenon that's making our brains hurt is this image of a couple embracing on the beach.


Sure, this photo appears to show a loved-up pair in a tender embrace in what looks like a gorgeous beach setting.

But look closer... and you will realise something is insanely confusing about the way the couple are standing.

Hugging optical illusion.
(Imgur screenshot)

It's almost impossible to fathom where the man ends and the woman begins - the woman's legs appear to be in front of the man but her torso is behind him. (Huh?)

Of course, our minds have been thoroughly confused by this baffling photo which was uploaded on Reddit by user Blood_Reaper and viewed more than two million times.

Until you look closer and pay attention to the shorts the man in the photo is wearing.

Hugging optical illusion.
(Reddit screenshot)

Unless you've figured it out already (congratulations!), the answer lies in the two-tone colour of the man's shorts.

They have black panels on the side while the rest of it is white.

But because of the way the woman's legs are positioned, a quick glance makes you think that the white part of the garment belongs to her.

Mind blown???

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Now you can go back to your daily business.