El Chapo threatens to sue Netflix and Univision if they air series about him without paying him


Netflix and Univision have been threatened with a lawsuit over their new series El Chapo - by a lawyer representing the man himself.

Andrew Granados, speaking on behalf of the imprisoned drug lord also known as Joaquin Guzman, said Netflix and Univision Story House will be sued if they air the series about his client's life without paying him.

According to Granados, the two networks will have to pay for the right to use El Chapo's name and nickname, which means 'shorty'.

El Chapo

He added "for the right price", El Chapo might even be willing to supply more information "to make it a better project for them".

El Chapo previously gave rights to his life story to Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, and Granados said she could also negotiate with the networks.

On May 17, Netflix and Univision Story House announced that they will co-produce the drama series El Chapo, set to air in 2017.