YouTube prankster arrested after climbing Hollywood sign


A YouTube prankster has been arrested after climbing the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

Russian Vitaly Zdorovestskiy, who runs the channel VitalyzdTv, was arrested after climbing the sign on Wednesday evening, KTLA-TV reports.

In a video taken from atop the sign and later posted on Snapchat, Vitaly said: "I'm all the way up, nothing can stop me."

A KTLA video shows Vitaly waving a flag with the words, "I'm Back," from the top of the sign's "D", which is 45ft high.

He had teased the prank on his Twitter the day before.

Zdorovestskiy has more than nine million subscribers to his YouTube channel, where his videos show off dozens of pranks.

One video is a compilation showing Vitaly and others getting arrested following various pranks.

YouTube promoted his pranks just a week ago on their #PrankAcademy.