McDonald's is selling Angry Birds-themed burgers with green or red buns


McDonald's is serving up green and red buns for limited edition burgers to coincide with the release of The Angry Birds movie.

Unsurprisingly, people are feeling a bit dubious about the unusually-coloured baps being served up in McDonald's China.

McDonald's restaurants all over the world have partnered with The Angry Birds Movie with Happy Meals in many places, including the US, featuring an Angry Birds toy.

But in Asia, some restaurants have taken the theme to a level some might consider a step too far - with the Angry Red Burger (chicken) and the Naughty Green Burger (pork).

According to the global fast food chain, Angry Shanghai Burgers are on sale in South Korea, and the Phillippines has Bomb's Black Sesame McDip, Piggies OREO Matcha McFlurry and Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry. There's also the Angry Matcha Parfait available in Thailand.

That's magazine reviewed the green-bunned burger and said what we were all thinking: "How could a bun that color possibly taste good? Is it possible that its strange hue of green provides the consumer with one full serving of vegetables? (Unfortunately, it does not.)"

But although the burger "wasn't as large, or as succulent as the advertisement made it appear, but then again they never are", the reviewers said: "It is quite satisfying, and we are 'lovin' it'."

We'll stick to our Big Macs for now thanks very much.