See the spectacular sheds shortlisted for Shed of the Year 2016

A restored nuclear bunker and a converted camper van are among the wacky designs shortlisted for the 2016´s Shed of the Year contest.

While most people are happy if they can escape for the odd hour or two among pot plants and rusty old saws, more committed enthusiasts have lovingly put time and patience into creating some of the most eye-catching sheds in the UK.

Their finest efforts have been whittled down from 2,825 to a shortlist of 32, which will battle it out to be named the Cuprinol Shed of the Year.

Sheds have been nominated in eight categories, from pub and entertainment-themed sheds to those with an environmental angle, cabins and summerhouses, workshops and historic sheds. And some of them might even look better than your house.

Tranquility Saloon

 Tranquility Saloon, a shed owned by Alistair Baranowski in Aberdeenshire.

Set in the countryside, Tranquility Saloon - owned by Alistair Baranowski in Aberdeenshire - is a Wild West "saloon" where Baranowski and his friends drink Scotch on the rocks.

Ilona's Summerhouse

Ilona's Summerhouse, a shed owned by Ilona in North Lincolnshire.

This colourful shed comes with a sunlit hideaway created from recycled pallets, doors and reclaimed paving slabs and is owned by Ilona in North Lincolnshire.

Dun 25 Bunker

Dun 25 Bunker, a shed owned by Jim Sherrit in Brechin.

A restored three-man nuclear bunker in Brechin, Scotland, this shed - owned by Jim Sherrit - is 20ft (6m) below ground and only accessible by a hatch and ladder.

The Raisebury

The Raisebury, a shed owned by Peter Kavanagh in Berkshire.

Designed to be off the ground in the event of a flood, this shed comes with steel sub-frame and four hydraulic legs that can be operated by remote control. It is owned by Peter Kavanagh in Berkshire.

Maggie Ewing

Maggie Ewing, a shed owned by David Carter in the Scottish Highlands.

Owned by David Carter in the Scottish Highlands, this shed is made from an ex-boat wheelhouse originally called the Boy Peter, which was one of the last boats ever to be commercially built in Caithness. The boat is located on the edge of the North Sea and faces the sea.

Love Shack

Love Shack, a shed owned by Grant Oatley in Devon.

The Love Shack has been described as "a tiny little work of art" built on a moveable trailer. Entered in the "eco" category, this shed - owned by Grant Oatley in Devon - is clad with tiles made from reclaimed tractor inner tubes and features a living roof.

Old Garden Shed

Old Garden Shed, a shed owned by Brian in Hastings, which has been shortlisted in the Budget category in the Shed of the Year.

This quirky cottage-style shed has been upcycled using pre-loved shed items - the door is from an old shed, the floor is paved with woodchip and the walls are made of oak offcuts and plaster. Owned by Brian in Hastings, the roof of the Old Garden Shed is held up by branches of a tree and decking.

Art Studio

 Art Studio, a shed owned by Peter Sedo in Worcestershire.

This shed shows off a rather quirky quirky design and is made from recycled wood. Owned by Peter Sedo in Worcestershire, the space is used for relaxation, entertaining and carpentry.

West Wing

West Wing, a shed owned by Kevin Herbert in Berkshire.

This shed is made from 90% recycled materials and is divided into three sections with a bed housed in the loft space. Owned by Kevin Herbert in Berkshire, the West Wing also includes a secret bookcase, a play area, storage and workshop.

Cowpe Smithy

Cowpe Smithy, a shed owned by Robin Sharples in Lancashire.

This unique shed was built to replicate a corrugated iron and timber workshop that was quite common after the Second World War. Cowpe Smithy, which is owned by Robin Sharples in Lancashire, is clad with salvaged air raid shelter corrugated iron that was sourced from a closing military surplus dealer.

Austin Camper Shed

 Austin Camper Shed, a shed owned by Stephen Alleyne in Norfolk.

Built on a classic Austin J4 pickup truck, the Austin Camper Shed comes with with cooker sink cupboards and bed.

Rotating Shed

Rotating Shed, owned by Bryan Lewis Jones in Benbighshire.

This eye-catching shed has a unique architectural design that allows it to rotate through 360 degrees to follow the sunlight throughout the day. Kitted with inviting lounge chairs and a gorgeous fireplace, the Rotating Shed - owned by Bryan Lewis Jones in Denbighshire - appears to be a strong contender in the "Eco" category.

The shortlisted sheds will feature on Channel 4´s Amazing Spaces Shed Of The Year and the public can vote until June 8 for the category winners.

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