Man makes real life Snapchat filters and sticks them on unsuspecting posters


A genius Snapchat user known only as "Mikey Grande" has achieved something we didn't think was possible.

He made Snapchat filters happen in real life. We know what you're thinking - it has to be seen to be believed - so here is the proof:

Mikey went around a shop and improved its promotional posters with a little help from Snapchat.

The ability to get the filter sections perfectly to scale within the posters is actually very impressive, and several users on this Reddit thread have been debating how he managed it.

The most convincing theory so far is that Mikey figured out how far away his phone had to be from each poster to create a 1:1 scale when printed. It most likely took a bit of fiddling around with a ruler, but it's well worth the effort. Mikey, we commend you.