Coronation Street: Did Carla and Nick make it to the altar?


It wouldn't be a soapland wedding unless everything got very dramatic at the altar - and Carla Connor and Nick Tilsley's wedding was no exception.

With Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) locked in a storage room to prevent her from causing a scene at the wedding, it almost looked as if Carla (Alison King) might get away scot-free and have an uneventful wedding to Nick (Ben Price).

Alison King in Coronation Street (ITV)
Alison King in Coronation Street (ITV)

But Carla felt the need to confess to her fiance.

In an emotional scene, she took him aside to admit: "I slept with someone. It was a one-off, it was a mistake, and it happened. I still want this, Nick."

After telling him it was Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill), she added: "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... I can't live with this. I can't stand in front of everyone out there who loves me and keep hating myself for this. I need you to forgive me and start again. Please. Please."

A tormented Nick raged and looked distraught, saying: "How did I not see it? I'm such an idiot."

But with level-headed advice from best man David Platt (Jack P Shepherd), Nick found himself in a forgiving mood and headed back to the altar and a relieved Carla.

David Platt helped the groom work through his feelings
David Platt helped the groom work through his feelings (ITV)

No Coronation Street fan would think it would all be over so easily, though.

A devious Tracy managed to set off a fire alarm and escape captivity, charging straight to the ceremony to raise her "awful objections" (or as one guest pointed out, "lawful objections").

Tracy Barlow tried to ruin the wedding
Tracy Barlow tried to ruin the wedding (ITV)

Nick married his bride anyway, but Tracy's revelation that Carla had given Robert money to help him buy the Bistro clearly got into his head - and eroded his last bit of trust in his newly wedded wife.

As he tried to struggle through the speeches at the reception, it was all too much for Nick - as he realised he couldn't tell when Carla was lying and when she was telling the truth.

"You look me in the eye and it looks the same. The lies and the truth," he announced in front of the wedding guests, who couldn't quite believe what was going on.

"I can't do this. I can't do this."

It seems the "I do" didn't quite solve everything...